Before starting treatment, we carry out a thorough examination of the oral cavity and other necessary additional examinations. Thanks to the fact that we work with the best dentists and dental technicians we offer a reliable and honest plan of treatment, with the use of the highest quality materials, equipment and techniques.


Dental check-up 150 PLN
Specialist consultation with a treatment plan 250 PLN

Conservative treatment

Computer anesthesia The Wand 40 PLN/syrringe
Composite filling 400 - 500 PLN
Tooth reconstruction without fiberglass 600 PLN
Tooth reconstruction on fiberglass 700 PLN
Bridge on fiberglass 1500 PLN
Composite veneer 800 - 1000 PLN
*Each tooth reconstruction reflects its anatomical shape and color of the teeth, the price depends on the degree of tooth damage and the extent of the reconstruction.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment under the microscope 1 canal 1000 PLN
Root canal treatment under the microscope 2 canals 1200 PLN
Root canal treatment under the microscope 3 - 4 canals 1600 PLN
Re-Endo 250- 500 PLN
Removal of the tool from the canal 600 PLN
Glass-fiber crown-root inlay 700 PLN
*Root canal treatment is a very time-consuming procedure, which requires incredible precision and each treatment is carried out in the isolation of the treatment area, under the control of a microscope. Therefore, the cost depends on the condition of the tooth, its type and the number of canals.

Aesthetic dentistry / Prosthetics

Porcelain veneer 2600 PLN
All-ceramic crown 2600 PLN
Porcelain crown fused on metal (pfm) 2000 PLN
Inlay, composite onlay 1000 PLN
Complete denture (upper or lower) 4000 PLN
Partial denture (upper or lower) 4000 PLN
Skeletal denture with latches 4000 PLN


Implant implantation Basic 3500-4000 PLN
Implant implantation Premium 3500-4000 PLN
Crown on implant 3500-3900 PLN
Denture on 2 implants 8000 PLN
Denture on 4 implants 10000 PLN
Maryland (temporary bridge on a glass property) 1500 PLN
Augmentation (price with biomaterial) 3500- 5500 PLN
Sinus lift 5500- 6500 PLN

Dental surgery

Tooth extraction 300 - 800 PLN
Surgical extraction 800 - 1200 PLN
Surgical extraction, complicated tooth 8 1500 PLN
*The price of tooth extraction depends on the type of tooth, its position and the difficulty of the procedure. Additional charges for local anesthesia apply.


Closed curettage of 1 tooth + medicine 150-200 PLN

Teeth whitening

Overlay whitening of maxillary and mandibular teeth 1000 PLN
Bleaching with the Beyond Polus lamp 1200 PLN


Scaling, sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation and individual oral hygiene instruction 350 PLN

Tooth X-ray

X-ray 30 - 40 PLN
Panoramic x-ray 150 PLN
Computed tomography 150 - 450 PLN


*The prices indicated in the price list are indicative and may differ from the final prices. We make a detailed quote during medical consultations, after a thorough examination and treatment plan.

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