Let us give you your perfect smile!

Lek.Stom. Sarzynska is a master and specialist in prosthodontics. Lek.Stom. Sarzynska has been practicing in the Gdansk since 2000 and has built up a reputation for excellence and care.

Lek.Stom. Anna Sarzynska gain her master degree at the prestigious University of Sienna in Italy. Lek.Stom. Sarzynska is also a member of British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry BACD. Lek.Stom. Sarzynska and her dedicated team offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry to help you get the breath-taking smile that you’ve always wanted.
Our first-class dental facility uses only the latest dental technology, and we have our own fully equipped dental lab, so whether you’re ready for a amazing smile make over or due to your six-month check-up, trust your dental health and smile with Lek.Stom. Sarzynska and her staff. We are thorough and gentle and we recognize the value of healthy smile. Let Lek.Stom. Sarzynska help you achieve your brightest smile today.
Our extensive training and education provides us with the skills for restoring optimum function and aesthetics to your smile. These include crowns, implants, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays, complete and removable partial dentures. TMD-jaw joint problems, traumatic injuries to the mouth’s structures and/or, oral cancer reconstruction and continues care.

Many of our patients we treat have complex needs and we work to provide all our Polish and international patients with the best diagnosis evaluations and thorough understanding of their dental needs. We want our patients to understand the risk and the benefit for all possible treatment options so you can make an informed decision concerning your dental health. We strive to improve the quality of your oral health and improve aesthetics of your smile.

Lek. Stom. Anna Sarzynska