Tuesday, 30 March 2021 19:12

Dental Face Lifting

Do you know that you can smooth out wrinkles on your face, get the effect of enlarged lips and rejuvenate the appearance for several years without injections or other invasive aesthetic medicine treatments?

What does the term Dental Face Lifting mean? Well, the teeth and bite are of great importance for the appearance of the entire face and even the skin. When the bite is lowered due to age or orthodontic defects, our lips become narrow and sunken. The nasolabial folds are tightened and the face generally gives the impression of being tense. Ground teeth, which are not visible in a smile, contribute to aged appearance. With reduced occlusion, patients often grind their teeth at night, which also disturbs the normal rhythm of sleep, resulting in so-called "Vicious circle".

After careful examination of the patient and analysis of their bite conditions, we plan prosthetic treatment to restore the lost occlusion height. It involves filling the missing teeth, preferably with the use of dental implants or porcelain bridges, and rebuilding worn-out teeth with minimal interference into the enamel. We use durable, highly aesthetic E-max porcelain veneers or partial crowns in the anterior and onlay areas, and partial crowns in the lateral sections. In some cases, in the economical version, we use bonding of the trunks in the side sections. It is an aesthetic solution, but less durable and less resistant to discoloration.


Anna Sarzyńska