Founder and owner of the Anna Dental Clinic Dental Clinic.

A graduate of the Medical University of Gdańsk with a specialization in dental prosthetics. She also gained expertise while studying at the University of Siena, one of the most important research centers in the field of dentistry. These experiences and learning opportunities under the supervision of professor Marco Ferrari, allowed her to transfer the highest standards to the Polish market, assuring the patient care and precision in each procedure performed in the clinic.

Logo BACDDoctor Anna Sarzyńska is a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry BACD


Privately, a lover of travel, active and healthy lifestyle, passionate about skiing and all manifestations of good art.

"Aesthetic dentistry is my passion. For me it is a combination of artistry, perfectionism, art and engineering skills, as well as psychological knowledge. Each patient is individual and one of their kind. Patients’ smiles should add beauty and harmony to their faces, and emphasize the individual character at the same time. human, without the effect of artificiality. That is why each of our metamorphosis is not a product from a machine, but a process that requires a sense of the aesthetics of tenderness, harmony and elegance - while taking care of our patients’ health "
– Doctor Anna Sarzyńska.