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Oral surgery

We do the following dental surgeries at our clinic:
Tooth extraction – Tooth extraction is a fairly common treatment at the dentist and is used in cases where the tooth is so damaged that it cannot be saved. Healing process usually passes without a problem, but part of the dentine is lost forever. The result is that the bone becomes less and less broad than it was before the tooth extraction. Subsequently, the gum volume and shape is affected. These changes can occur anywhere in the mouth, but the biggest bone and gum loss happens when you pull out the canine.
It is important to keep the bone intact
Often after a tooth extraction, both the bone and gum lose its function and its natural appearance. A lost tooth can be replaced with an implant, bridge or a denture. Sometimes the bone loss is so severe that further surgery is necessary before the missing tooth can be replaced.
Controlled tissue reconstruction
A treatment in which a membrane is placed over the damaged bone. This membrane stimulates new bone to grow.

Different types of Bone Grafting:

Sinus lift
Some of the upper teeth share the same bone space with the sinuses (air cavities near the nose). If one of those teeth is lost, the bone around it can shrink away. After moving the sinus membrane up and away from the jaw , a bone grafting material is placed where the sinus was. This technique makes it possible to insert implants further back in an upper jaw.
When a tooth is lost, there is a space, or socket where the tooth root was. The surrounding bone starts to shrink away from the socket area. Ridge preservation involves filling the tooth socket with bone grafting material, usually in the form of granules. The bone substitute stimulates growth of a new bone over time, forming a strong support for an implant.
Reconstruction of alveolar
Alveolar is a nerve that gives both lower lip and chin the sense of feeling. Sometimes this nerve has to be moved to make place for an implant.
We also perform:

  • Frenulumplasty.
  • Excision of gingivitis.
  • Surgical extraction of impacted teeth.
  • Root resection.
  • Insertion of implants.

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